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Let me start by telling you a little about me. I live in Cleburne, Texas on a small “farm” where I share my life with my beautiful daughters, Labradors, horses and cats.

My love and passion for Labradors started at a very early age as my dad was an avid duck hunter.  I have never been without at least one Labrador! As a young girl I field trained several of my Dad’s dogs and obedience trained them all.  I also dabbled in the show ring and showed many different breeds.

I started showing Labradors about 15 years ago and have recently started breeding a few litters.  My goal is to produce a happy, healthy family dog which can accomplish all the things that they were originally bred to do - a dog that is my vision of the “perfect Labrador”.   I concentrate on the “English” type of Labrador, which is to say, a blockier, compact and sturdy dog.  I only breed select dogs with the goal of producing an outstanding specimen of the breed.  I choose only dogs who have been tested and evaluated to carry on the best of the Labrador type, temperament, health and looks.

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Labradors That Can Be and Do It All

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